The "Demo" Phase

This phase is all about creating a stable game environment. That means that the gameplay is smooth and most of the bugs worked out with the main systems. This includes things like looting, equipment, combat, and more.

The Demo will include a portion of the Real-time strategy gameplay and the First Person gameplay, giving the player a chance to experience both aspects and the way they seamlessly work together. You'll be able to build a small settlement, recruit new survivors and venture the world.

This Phase will become available prior to the "Beta" phase, and will be updated a few times before we move to the next Phase.

The "Beta" Phase

The Beta phase is focused primarily on the Multiplayer aspect of the game. Establishing multiple gamemodes, maps, combat and more. Once the multiplayer is balanced and stable enough the game will move to Early Access on Steam.This Phase will be the shortest.

The "Early Access" Phase

The Early Access Phase is the last before full release. During this time the game will experience many changes until the final release. More info will be made available when the time comes.

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The purpose of this page is to give you a visual of the games development progress. Here we have the three main Phases of development. Below them are the Steps that need to be taken to complete each Phase. As development continues this will be updated on a semi daily basis.

(more will be added as new content is organized and planned)


Development Progress

  • Demo Map Completed

  • New FPS Animations

  • New Zombies Implemented​

  • Extended Graphical Settings

  • Equipment & Combat System

  • Rts Construction/Planning

  • Survivor AI Controller

  • Death Screen

  • Main Menu

  • Container Looting Bug resolved