How it all works

The online portion of Dead Upon Us relies on collecting and storing Equipment. You obtain Weapons and Gear while playing matches, they can also be purchased with in-game currency, and by Scavenging.

Gear and Winning/Losing

Equipment taken into a game will be lost if you lose the game or round. When winning a match you are given 3 random equipment crates and if you lose you are given 1 random equipment crate.


Most Game types will range greatly. Here's just a few examples of what's to come in the closed-beta.

Deathmatch :Basic game type. Will have a Solo and Team version. You can choose to enter the map with existing gear, or enter with just a handgun and obtain it as you go. This game is based on 3 rounds

Extraction : A number of players start randomly spread around the map. You must survive and take on hordes of zombies and other players as you await a military extraction to get you out of the city. Gear can be taken and obtained while playing. 

Zombie Master :One player controls the zombies from the Real-time strategy mode and a number of First person players must survive for an extended period of time. Gear can be taken and obtained while playing. 


Obtaining weapons / gear

Weapons and Gear can be obtained many ways in Dead Upon Us. When Winning or Losing rounds and matches, you are given a number of Dead Points (DP) which can be used to purchase Equipment from the Trader. You can also Scavenge "Paradise" City (Center Philly), or The Wastes. The Wastes has the highest loot drops and you will often find tons of Gear, but it is filled with tons of zombies and other players. When Scavenging you must escape and survive to keep the gear you obtain.

The Wastes (*accessible in closed-beta)

Early after the infection, this region was bombed heavily. The remaining structures are filled to the brim with loot and resources. But the land is filled with murderous hunters and vicious gangs. Loot brought and collected here with be lost on death.