The Cure:

In 2023, the last known Paradise Corporation Bio research centers were abandoned. As far as can be seen, progress was very slow on a Cure. Whiling extracting resources from a Bio center in New York, it was discovered that many believed the Female strand was the key to creating a cure. No more information exists.

Body Alteration:

Though commonly known today, late-stage infected have been found to have large external and internal growths and changes. These changes can and will affect the behavior and physical traits of the infected. 

Large green tumor like growths are a common identifier for late-stage infected.


The outbreak was caused by the combination of two strands of the same virus.

  • The Male strand has the ability to modify and alter it's host, ranging from change of internal organs and external growths as well. This strand on its own is harmless, and our immune systems easily fight it off.
  • The Female strand is an airborne parasitic virus, that spreads into major organs such as the heart and brain. Once it's spreads, the virus goes into a dormant state. 

When a Male strand is introduced into a host with the Female strand present, the Female strand parasitically takes control of the Male, and then forces it to take over the host's body and organs.